Jeux d'Éden
Eden games

"Les jeux d'Eden" is a non-profit organization which aims to promote Social Cohesion and Living Together to the general public.

How ? 

By offering activities around traditional games, by creating a game library, by promoting African art and craftsmanship or even by organizing a Advice and Guidance service for immigrants, by providing Afro-European information via our WebTV and Wema Info news site and also events.
Social Cohesion and Living Together
Living Together - Fight against racism
The aim of our approach is to promote “Living Together”, to fight against racism and withdrawal into oneself, to encourage more social cohesion, but also to highlight the north-south partnership in all its seams, in particular. thanks to this formidable tool that are “Traditional games”!

The Eden Games offer entertainment in schools, institutions, businesses or at various events. We have already had the opportunity to work in collaboration with the CPAS in Brussels, the Embassy of Chad or with "Brussels
Games Festival ”. Our ambition is to eventually create an “African socio-cultural house” in Charleroi.

By our name "The Games of Eden" we want to evoke the diversity of our activities and refer to the Garden of Eden which is the prerogative of the perfect world.
Our ambition is to make people discover these games, popular in Africa but little known in Belgium, it is much more than sharing a fun activity, it is allowing to discover a heritage, a know-how, traditions, a history.

Invented by our ancestors, these games, highly prized in traditional African society, continue to sharpen thinking, education and sociability among others.
Heritage, traditions
NGOLA - Traditional Games
Known for several generations in central Africa, Congolese NGOLA is based on mathematics and has variations and other names across the continent.
The game is played out with the Awale game, usually made of wood with two rows of six holes in which seeds or stones are placed.

Able to be played with simple pebbles, “The Yoté” entertains thanks to frequent reversals of the situation.
Games, among a hundred others, that we want to introduce in Belgium and in Europe, to young and old of all origins, by opening a toy library and offering activities and workshops.
These games are made using traditional materials such as wood, the species of which are many and varied on the continent (teak, bamboo, acacia wood). They are witnesses of African heritage and know-how.

The copies are presented during events, integrated into the game library or offered for sale, will be made in Africa, by craftsmen in order to participate in local development.
We also want to highlight African art in all its diversity. So we plan to create a cinema room that can broadcast African films but also offer internships, music, dance and African sculpture lessons.

In order to help the socio-professional integration of people from the African diaspora, "the games of Eden" offer a Coworking space.

The idea is to provide project leaders with a space to express themselves and connect with partners or investors so that they can develop their ideas
Our audience targets people with an immigrant background who are struggling to get started as self-employed!

We also have an immigrant counseling and guidance service, but also the establishment of a tourist guide service for those who want to discover Africa.

And to magnify and highlight the bilateral relations between the north and the south, our Afro-European website and information site continuously offers information focused on politics, economy, culture, social among others but which link the two continents.
Hand in hand
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Celebrate Diversity
Our ambition is to make people discover these games, popular in Africa but little known in Belgium, to share a fun activity, to allow to discover a heritage, a know-how, traditions, a history.
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